8 LUSH Products You Need to Try


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*Yes I have returned from the grave*

Everybody loves LUSH. And i’m sure everyone has a must have product from there. I had originally planned to do my personal top 5 but I have too many to pick between and its now become 8!

Out of the 8 products I’m reviewing, 4 of these are ones used in my daily skincare routine; one a hair product that I have recently fallen in love with; and the remaining 3 are the obligatory bath products (although hopefully not the usual ones you hear about).

A lot of posts about LUSH focus either on the exciting seasonal products or old favourite bath bombs and bubble bars. While I love the fun bath items that LUSH creates (who doesn’t), I feel that some of their amazing skin care doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves. LUSH offers a wide variety of products from the face masks we’ve no doubt all tried, to products such as toners. All contain carefully selected, natural ingredients, designed to improve and maintain your skin. In the past year or so I have moved to exclusively using LUSH products for my skincare and I haven’t looked back!

2016-01-27 15.14.28

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Why Eating Clean Isn’t “Healthy”.


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I’m afraid this isn’t going to be a post of me showing some new fangled research that that McDonalds you just had is actually good for you. Its not. Sorry. But I am hopefully going to challenge some attitudes to food.

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MUA Brand Review and Test


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MUA product review

Ciao! Being a student you learn to find bargains everywhere, so when I heard people mention MUA I was intrigued. It was mainly mentioned for its Naked palette dupes and its foundations, but reviews seemed on the whole positive for brand (especially considering the price tag). I currently use their Matte Perfect Primer (£4) as my everyday primer and it works really well for me. It doesn’t really offer anything coverage wise but it creates a nice base for my make-up. So when I saw that they were giving their new “Twelfth Night” eye shadow palette for free when you spent over £8 on their products I decided to treat myself!

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Mid-December Favourites


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A favourites post in the middle of december- what?!

Well, I kinda missed the boat with the november favourites and I didn’t want to wait until after christmas when I’m bound to have more things to get excited about. So here is a little list of beauty products that I’ve been loving recently (prizes for guessing which brands I love!) Continue reading

Christmas Shopping and Stress


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Who’s been good at updating their blog??? Not me!

Yeahhhh…. in all seriousness I do apologise (as I seem to do a lot of). Not to go into too much detail ( I may do a separate post about it later on), but I have anxiety, and it been the worst I can remember it being in a long while, so I’ve been spending what little spare time I have on looking after myself. But! I’ve learnt over the years that moping is bad, so I’m forcing myself to carry on with life.

ANYWAY!!! Back to our normal programming! Its so close to Christmas I can almost touch it! The advent calendar is up, the Coca-Cola advert is on TV and the shopping is beginning! Except that I absolutely hate shopping for presents. And I don’t mean that in a stingy “I don’t want to buy people presents” way, but in a “what the hell do I buy for everyone” kind of way. Does anyone else get that? If not, I’m clearly just awful at present buying!

So today, after driving the 70 miles back to uni from my mother’s house (it was her birthday on saturday) and thought that it was only right to go for a trek into town to do some christmas shopping. It was chaos, as christmas shopping is every year, but I swear its getting earlier each year. Although a friend pointed out that it just seems to come around earlier because I’m now entering the world of adulthood, where I have to actually plan christmas, and organise presents, and plan cooking christmas dinner (the flat family one, I’m not trusted to do a proper family meal in all its glory yet). I was so excited for “being and adult” but now its here I just don’t feel ready for it. Me, and adult??? Nope, not yet, don’t make me do bills and organise insurance and contracts and stuff! I was still at school 2 years ago!

However, I’m now nearly half way there on the shopping front, and mentally have almost all of the pressies decided! And its not even december yet. Progress! I did have to ease the process by buying a few things for myself too, (and I can justify most those purchases, having run out of moisturiser this morning, and my lip balm about to run out). That’s the next hardest thing about christmas shopping- I find so many things that I want for myself, but I just can’t afford to have!

Anyway, I’m off to finish watching the miranda dvd online (you know, to check that its good enough to give to my mother) and I’m planning on doing a bit of a haul/ favourites blgg next. So, a Haul of Favourites???

Ciao! xxx

FCS Box: Old Fashioned Family Christmas


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Its FCS time again!

This company I really love. Don’t get me wrong I adore Lush (haul/favourites on the way) but they are more aimed towards being natural and the benefits for you and skin. Whereas the Fortune Cookie Soap company are geared to towards the wild and wacky scents (in a good way)! This seasons box was a winner for all but one scent, which I’m pleasantly surprised at.  Now, I’m still full of cold, but I am slowly getting my sense of smell back so here comes my best attempt of describing smells over the internet!:

Lets start off with the signature fortune cookie. This one’s called “‘Tis the Season to be Mary”:


“A hint of sweet almond with warm swirls of tobacco”. I know what you’re thinking, tobacco? How can that smell nice? Well, it does! This one is hard to describe, the almond is there, but it also has a slightly spicier scent to it, plus a bit of incense throw in. For a winter scent its pretty “clean” smelling- not heavy at all. I really want it in a candle or a room spray, its one of those scents you want to hit you when you walk in a room.

“I Pledge Allegiance, Amen!” Shower Steamer

“A brisk and outdoorsy blend of blue spruce a balsam fir, fresh mint and garden herbs” This was actually the first thing I opened. I knew it had mint in so I went straight to it just to see how likely it was to blow what’s left of my cold out of me. Mint. So. Much mint! I reminds me heavily of olbas oil, but not quite so strong that it makes you recoil. The spruce and pine are there, but its mainly just mint. Personally I love it, and will definitely be getting it in something else (if they have it in cuticle butter or something like that I’m getting it)! Speaking of cuticle butter…

“Moose Mug” Cuticle Butter

“Rich cream, egg, and a touch of nutmeg”. As a Brit I didn’t really know what eggnog smelt like, but now i do, and I must say i don’t really want to drink it! This is the only scent in the box I don’t like. Its not unpleasant at all, but I don’t want any bit of me to smell of it. Its a scent that belongs on a plate or in a bowl. Its creamy and nutmeggy, but it just smells too much like some sickly dessert to want it on my skin. I do like foodie scents, but I’m more of a “just walked into a bakery” foodie that actual “food on my plate” type – if you catch my drift?

“Sparky” Hydrate Me


“Scrumptious vanilla pumpkin waffles topped brown sugar, pecans and sheets of fresh whipped cream”. Sadly, I didn’t get the “blown bulb” (no gift voucher for me) but it did arrive in one piece! Now, this is a “walked into a bakery” scent if there ever was one! Rich and creamy with vanilla, sugar and that wonderful pancake/ waffle scent. I am sooo looking forward to using this one! No need to say anything else. Get it. Use it. Love it.

“Christmas Bonus” Deep Conditioner

This is the other item in the box that comes with the potential to win a gift voucher. No scent description given.  I’m not going to give away too much- nor can I really with my cold! But piney, maybe mint, maybe??? Lots going on in it so will require me sitting with other products and sniffing for matches. Its incredibly thick, even more so than their WCs but I haven’t tested it out yet so can’t comment on the actual conditioning ability of it, but I’ve heard good things.

“Mele Kelekimaka” OCD


“Tropical spiced rum, Tahitian vanilla. sprinkled with jasmine petals ad twisted woods”.  There’s no easier way to describe this scent than to just say, Malibu. You’re basically rubbing Malibu into your hands but without the stickiness of the actual booze. And with just a hint of a woodsy scent underneath the rum. Now, I like malibu, and I like this. Whether I buy it in other things I’m yet to decide, but probably not in a product which will linger on my skin least people think I’m an alcoholic!

“SQUIRREL” Whipped Cream

If you didn’t just say that in your head in the Dug from Up voice, I’m judging.

“A festive blend of apples, sun ripened strawberries and plums dancing with zests of orange and a splash of lime”. I love citrusy, fruity scents, so I love this. Someone has basically put those fancy, fruity shower gels into a WC. Nothing more to add. Another one to buy in ALL THE THINGS!

“Fried Pussycat” Whipped Soap


Last but not least… “Juicy plum and whipped caramel wrapped in artisan bourbon vanilla and jasmine blossoms”. Mine actually arrived not deflated, which was pretty amazing for saying how far its travelled. Its a fresh scent, very vaguely floral. More of the fruit and vanilla to be smelt. I do understand the comments of “it just smells like nice soap”. It does. Its a really nice scent, but definitely soapy. It would be nice as a WC for times when you just want to freshen up your hands without overwhelming yourself with a strong smell.

Final verdict:

I loved this box and everything in it apart from the cuticle butter. I really nice mix of scents and not as heavy as the autumn box. Now to go blast my cold out of my skull with that shower steamer!

Ciao! xxx

A Quick Apology

I just wanted to quickly apologise for not posting like I said I would. I’ve had a stinker of a cold and getting dressed up to show off show clothes didn’t seem like the funnest of ideas- especially with my lovely red nose!

I’m going to try to put up a post or 2 that doesn’t require photos of me while I recover a bit more.


L’Oreal Paris Prodigy Review


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I felt it was best to start my blog up with a review of something which was probably the thing that got me into fashion and beauty- hair dye. Since I was 13 I’ve been every red shade, from purple to pillar-box red. Now I’m getting older and my style has changed I no longer suit the madly bright reds and wanted to tone it down. Prodigy claims to create natural looking hair colours, with no damage to the hair. Did it work? Well…sort of.

Its at this point that I should point out that I have my hair ombred, and I try to bleach the ends as little as possible, so I frequently just top up my red and leave the blonde alone. I’ve previously had issues of hair dyes either dripping or bleeding into my blonde- which is not a good look! I’m glad to say that they was a very easy mixture to work with. It is applied onto dry hair, which personally I don’t like due my thick hair, but it actually covered my hair fairly well.

The smell was also really pleasent. I usually have to fumigate the bathroom while i do my hair and I didn’t feel like I had to at any moment during the process.

The problem came after I washed it out. Despite my usual “use almost all the bottle of conditioner” trick I was really disappointed to find that my hair felt really dry at the end. I’ve actually never had this happen to my hair (apart from my bleached ends), so I spent the next day or so worrying that it was only going to get worse. Thankfully it seemed to settle itself down  and is now back to its usual soft self- so its a temporary problem, or maybe I didn’t wash the dye out quite well enough. When you dye your hair red you learn that the water will never run clear!

Now onto the colour: it was, for once, true to box, baring in mind I was red underneath to start with. It is a pretty natural colour (about as natural looking as you can get dark auburn) and it blended well into my blonde. It covered my roots totally, which I was unsure about it doing as you’re actually told to not work the dye into your roots! 2 washes later its settled into more of a rich brunette with hints of auburn. Macadamia is definitely a autumn/winter colour. I can imagine it being called winter spices or something!

So overall it does what it says it will, creates a natural colour that seems to be lasting well. And while it does initially dry it does quickly return to normal if you condition the crap out it! Next time I think I’m going to go for the Amber colour as while this is a lovely colour, its a tad too brunnette- a colour I have always run away from. If you’re not brave enough to go really red but want a bit of the “kissed by fire” look about you, this is definitely the colour to go!

(I’m currently growing my fringe out and it just wasn’t playing today so I had to tie it back- but i think this shows the colour off well enough!)

20141103_141945 20141103_142320-1

Ciao! and an introduction.


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Ciao world, welcome to my blog! This has been something that I’ve wanted to do for a long while but I’ve never managed to make it happen. But I think now is a good a time as ever to start up. First up, a little bit about me: my name is Bella and I’m a 20 year old student in my second year of uni studying Equine Science.

Living in the countryside and going to an agricultural college means that I don’t really have much of a chance to talk about things like fashion and beauty, and they’re a pretty defining part of my life. I’ve always loved following vloggers and bloggers and they’ve always been my first port of call if I want an opinion on a product or brand. I hope to add to that pool of advice and reviews as well as giving you an insight into the life of a student living in the middle of nowhere.

Please bear with while I attempt to fill this blog up. Talk soon!