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I felt it was best to start my blog up with a review of something which was probably the thing that got me into fashion and beauty- hair dye. Since I was 13 I’ve been every red shade, from purple to pillar-box red. Now I’m getting older and my style has changed I no longer suit the madly bright reds and wanted to tone it down. Prodigy claims to create natural looking hair colours, with no damage to the hair. Did it work? Well…sort of.

Its at this point that I should point out that I have my hair ombred, and I try to bleach the ends as little as possible, so I frequently just top up my red and leave the blonde alone. I’ve previously had issues of hair dyes either dripping or bleeding into my blonde- which is not a good look! I’m glad to say that they was a very easy mixture to work with. It is applied onto dry hair, which personally I don’t like due my thick hair, but it actually covered my hair fairly well.

The smell was also really pleasent. I usually have to fumigate the bathroom while i do my hair and I didn’t feel like I had to at any moment during the process.

The problem came after I washed it out. Despite my usual “use almost all the bottle of conditioner” trick I was really disappointed to find that my hair felt really dry at the end. I’ve actually never had this happen to my hair (apart from my bleached ends), so I spent the next day or so worrying that it was only going to get worse. Thankfully it seemed to settle itself down  and is now back to its usual soft self- so its a temporary problem, or maybe I didn’t wash the dye out quite well enough. When you dye your hair red you learn that the water will never run clear!

Now onto the colour: it was, for once, true to box, baring in mind I was red underneath to start with. It is a pretty natural colour (about as natural looking as you can get dark auburn) and it blended well into my blonde. It covered my roots totally, which I was unsure about it doing as you’re actually told to not work the dye into your roots! 2 washes later its settled into more of a rich brunette with hints of auburn. Macadamia is definitely a autumn/winter colour. I can imagine it being called winter spices or something!

So overall it does what it says it will, creates a natural colour that seems to be lasting well. And while it does initially dry it does quickly return to normal if you condition the crap out it! Next time I think I’m going to go for the Amber colour as while this is a lovely colour, its a tad too brunnette- a colour I have always run away from. If you’re not brave enough to go really red but want a bit of the “kissed by fire” look about you, this is definitely the colour to go!

(I’m currently growing my fringe out and it just wasn’t playing today so I had to tie it back- but i think this shows the colour off well enough!)

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