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Who’s been good at updating their blog??? Not me!

Yeahhhh…. in all seriousness I do apologise (as I seem to do a lot of). Not to go into too much detail ( I may do a separate post about it later on), but I have anxiety, and it been the worst I can remember it being in a long while, so I’ve been spending what little spare time I have on looking after myself. But! I’ve learnt over the years that moping is bad, so I’m forcing myself to carry on with life.

ANYWAY!!! Back to our normal programming! Its so close to Christmas I can almost touch it! The advent calendar is up, the Coca-Cola advert is on TV and the shopping is beginning! Except that I absolutely hate shopping for presents. And I don’t mean that in a stingy “I don’t want to buy people presents” way, but in a “what the hell do I buy for everyone” kind of way. Does anyone else get that? If not, I’m clearly just awful at present buying!

So today, after driving the 70 miles back to uni from my mother’s house (it was her birthday on saturday) and thought that it was only right to go for a trek into town to do some christmas shopping. It was chaos, as christmas shopping is every year, but I swear its getting earlier each year. Although a friend pointed out that it just seems to come around earlier because I’m now entering the world of adulthood, where I have to actually plan christmas, and organise presents, and plan cooking christmas dinner (the flat family one, I’m not trusted to do a proper family meal in all its glory yet). I was so excited for “being and adult” but now its here I just don’t feel ready for it. Me, and adult??? Nope, not yet, don’t make me do bills and organise insurance and contracts and stuff! I was still at school 2 years ago!

However, I’m now nearly half way there on the shopping front, and mentally have almost all of the pressies decided! And its not even december yet. Progress! I did have to ease the process by buying a few things for myself too, (and I can justify most those purchases, having run out of moisturiser this morning, and my lip balm about to run out). That’s the next hardest thing about christmas shopping- I find so many things that I want for myself, but I just can’t afford to have!

Anyway, I’m off to finish watching the miranda dvd online (you know, to check that its good enough to give to my mother) and I’m planning on doing a bit of a haul/ favourites blgg next. So, a Haul of Favourites???

Ciao! xxx