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MUA product review

Ciao! Being a student you learn to find bargains everywhere, so when I heard people mention MUA I was intrigued. It was mainly mentioned for its Naked palette dupes and its foundations, but reviews seemed on the whole positive for brand (especially considering the price tag). I currently use their Matte Perfect Primer (£4) as my everyday primer and it works really well for me. It doesn’t really offer anything coverage wise but it creates a nice base for my make-up. So when I saw that they were giving their new “Twelfth Night” eye shadow palette for free when you spent over £8 on their products I decided to treat myself!

So lets test these products out! I went and did my normal makeup routine on one side (right side of my face/ left side as you look at it) and then added in the MUA products on the other side.

The products I bought from MUA are:

MUA Matte Perfect Primer


MUA Pro-Base Prime & Conceal


MUA Twelfth Night Eyeshadow Palette


MUA Lipsticks in Shade 1 and Scarlet Siren(Matte)

MUA lipstick

MUA Intense Colour Lip Liner in Brooding Plum (No photo- I bought it a while ago and actually forgot it was MUA!)

I also purchased a nail polish in colour Bullet which I will get to later on.

Right! Lets begin!

I started off with my normal routine and put the Matter Perfect primer on both sides of my face. Its part of my normal routine so didn’t see the point of just putting it on one half. I then began with the colour correcting concealers. Now as you are about to see, I have a lot of redness in my face. I also have very big under-eye bags. Sadly this is just how my face is and no amount of sleep/water/change in diet helps my bags. So I mainly used the green concealer, putting it round my nostril, cheek and chin area. I then used the yellow one under my eye. My eyes were a bit complicated because I have that lovely yellow pallor to my face as it is but I felt that cancelling out the purple was my best bet. My other side i left plain as I never put anything under my foundation usually. The result??? It actually made a difference! The concealers themselves were really creamy and melted well under my skin temperature, they blended in nicely (without disappearing and not doing their job). I’ve always been a bit sceptical about how well colour correcting products work but now I’m convinced. Not perfect but it makes a serious improvement and gave me a much easier time with the rest of my make-up.

20141219_111905 20141219_112003

Next I applied my normal foundation to my whole face (Maybelline Fit Me in 115 Ivory). Clearly it reduced the redness on my untouched side, but my colour corrected side definitely looked brighter, especially round my eye which is usually my biggest problem.

20141219_112413 20141219_112416

Next for the concealer, I used the concealer provided with the MUA set on the MUA side and my normal concealer on the “normal” side (Maybelline Fit Me in Fair).  This is sadly where MUA falls short. Its not bad by any means but my usual concealer is much better. Because of this it just didn’t do justice to brilliant job the colour correcting concealers had done. There’s still a difference around my eyes but not as good as I think it could have been.

20141219_112845 20141219_112847

Finally (for my skin) I added my usual pressed powder…wait for it… Maybelline(!!!) Matte Maker Pressed Powder. Overall the MUA Pro-Base Prime & Conceal did a fantastic job at reducing my redness and brightening under my eye. Even with the slight disappointment of the actual concealer section you can see that it has made a difference to the finished look. For a whole £4 it is 100% a product I will re-purchase. The pot isn’t huge, but for the amount you’re using its going to last a while.

(Apologies for my gormless face)

20141219_113236 20141219_113238

Onto the Eyeshadow!!!


This palette will set you back another whopping £4 for 12 wintery shades (with names I really love on an aside). MUA’s most expensive palette is £8 for 24 shades! So how good are they? Really, really good! These are really pigmented shades that blend unexpectedly well. Today i used Hush (the bottom left), All Spice (next to Hush), a hint of Coal (second from the top right) and Myrrh (above All Spice).  Now when I say a hint of Coal, its because the lovely sheen to the shadow its extremely deceptive to just how rich this colour was. I intended to use it in my crease but quickly realised my mistake. I did not think they were going to be so pigmented and i went from subtle, rich winter eyes to instant full blown smoky eye! Thankfully these blend out really nicely and with a lot little of Myrrh I’d fixed it and was happy with the results. Now it doesn’t sit perfectly on your eyelid, but honestly I think its more to do with the shimmer in it. The actual Urban Decay naked palette sits much the same on my eyes.

20141219_114323 20141219_114433

So am I going to buy more of these palettes? Definitely!I can’t justify buying the other original Naked palettes when this are basically the same for a fraction of the price.

Last but not least- The lip products


Now all of these I bought a while ago so no need to test them. Starting with the lipliner. Its not the most pigmented or creamy but its not half bad, especially when considering that it only cost £1. Its a good berry shade which works well with my usual shades of lipstick and goes on easy enough. If you need a new lip liner and are a little strapped for cash go and try one of MUA’s, you can’t complain about them for £1.

Now the lipsticks are also £1 each and how I feel about them are polar opposites to each other. The matte lipstick (far right swatch) is totally disappointing. Its really unpigmented and applies horribly. I was going to show it on but it just wasn’t worth it. Give the mattes a miss in short. However, the normal lipstick was much more pleasing. Its thick and creamy, not drying at all. Its super pigmented too. Now it doesn’t stick around for too long if you’re planning on eating or drinking, but in its defense it never claims to be long lasting. It worth having in you make-up bag as it applies so nicely but take note that its one you need to keep in your purse if you’re out all day.

The final look (and also why I dub this the vampire look because guess who didn’t contour!)

20141219_120158 20141219_120025

Finally the nail varnish.


Guess which brand they’ve loosely copied the packaging off~!

The packaging they got close to, but not the quality. Its only £1 for the little pot but honestly its not worth it at all. I got it in the colour bullet as i wanted a cold toned neutral. It took 3 coats to get decent coverage and then took far longer than you would expect such a watery mixture to take to dry. After about half an hour I gave up and started going about my life, trying to be careful of them. But after bringing my horse in and filling up 2 water buckets they’d smudged on almost every nail and generally just looked like a child had down them. I’ll probably still use it now again, but as part of a nail are design not on the whole nail, its just not worth the frustration of seeing 3 coats ruined within a few hours.

The final conclusion???

Their eyeshadows are amazing and 100% worth purchasing (they have a good selection of matte and shimmer shades too which is a winner with me) , so is their colour correcting set and the primer. Their normal lipsticks are super pigmented and creamy but not long lasting, so be careful with your expectations of them. The matte lipstick however is not worth your time. Nor is the nail varnish.

They’re a brand to look into and have a play with, any disappointing products you might find won’t set you back much so its not too much of a risk trying them out. if you’re looking for a Nake palette dupe this is the brand to check out!

Ciao~ xx