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*Yes I have returned from the grave*

Everybody loves LUSH. And i’m sure everyone has a must have product from there. I had originally planned to do my personal top 5 but I have too many to pick between and its now become 8!

Out of the 8 products I’m reviewing, 4 of these are ones used in my daily skincare routine; one a hair product that I have recently fallen in love with; and the remaining 3 are the obligatory bath products (although hopefully not the usual ones you hear about).

A lot of posts about LUSH focus either on the exciting seasonal products or old favourite bath bombs and bubble bars. While I love the fun bath items that LUSH creates (who doesn’t), I feel that some of their amazing skin care doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves. LUSH offers a wide variety of products from the face masks we’ve no doubt all tried, to products such as toners. All contain carefully selected, natural ingredients, designed to improve and maintain your skin. In the past year or so I have moved to exclusively using LUSH products for my skincare and I haven’t looked back!

2016-01-27 15.14.28

Lets start with makeup removal. I use the 9 To 5 cleansing lotion, applied liberally to a cotton pad. As a general rule no scrubbing is needed to remove makeup and there’s zero redness or soreness that I found traditional cleansing wipes caused. It contains dove orchid extract which they claim is soothing and also almond oil, which is often used alongside essential oils, etc, because of its ability to penetrate the skin. So this product does more than just scrub your makeup off! I bought the 240g bottle last year for £9.95 ( I posted about it on here) and I’m only just getting to the end of the bottle. Sometimes LUSH can seem expensive but think of how many packets of makeup wipes you’d have gone through in the same time…

Onto my toner! After learning of the importance of toners, and subsequently struggling with alcohol based ones I moved to LUSH’s Eau Roma Water. It contains rose and lavender water, both help to sooth and balance out the skin. Personally for me anything with lavender is a winner. If your face doesn’t feel clean after cleansing it will once you’ve used this! A moisturiser is needed after, but it doesn’t feel as dry and tight as alcohol based toners can do, more firm and clean. You can either spray it onto a cotton pad and wipe over your face or, as I do, spray directly onto your face and pat in with your hands. Price is £4.50 for a 100ml bottle and in the year period I’ve just finished my 2nd one, so again, more affordable than you might think. I’ve recently got the 250g bottle for Christmas, so i should be good for all of 2016!

2016-01-27 15.21.21

My 3rd product is another cleanser, however I use this one as a face wash in the shower. Angels on Bare Skin you have to scoop out of the pot, add a bit of water and rub into a paste before applying to your skin. Its worth the fuss though as I would say that this is the product that has made my skin what it is today! It contains ground almonds, lavender oil alongside lavender flowers, rose absolute and kaolin, to truly cleanse and sooth skin as well as being brightening. The ground almonds and lavender flowers act to gently exfoliate your skin as you use it, but don’t worry that you can’t use it daily, you absolutely gain. My skin is (on the whole) perfectly smooth, and appears bright and firm. It costs £6.95 for a 100g pot and one lasts me a few months. You don’t need much to work into a good paste. It you’re not a fan of the faff of the paste there is Fresh Farmacy, which is its bar counterpart. I use this occasionally, however for my skin type I find it a little too stripping. My skin is literally squeaky clean afterwards! But if you have very oily skin in may be the product for you.

LUSH has a variety of moisturisers available for pretty much every skin type, however the prices can go up to the extortionate (although reviews to rate the top brackets ones as being worth it). Being a student I can’t justify spending £40+ on a moisturiser so I’ve kept to the cheap end of the scale. As I have dry skin and the occasional eczema flare up (on my face- joy!) I first went for Skin Drink, however, I found it too heavy and oily for my skin. I found my peace with Celestial instead. It contains a number of the ingredients I have mentioned in the products above, so clearly they are the ones that agree with my skin. This moisturiser contains almond oil and dove orchid, so it will sink deep into the skin and can soothe problem areas. While it doesn’t sink into the skin immediately, it is light, and I only have to wait a minute or two before applying foundation. At £12.95 a 45g tub it is in the cheapest band for the moisturisers (aside from the solid face serum). I’ve been through nearly 4 in just over a year, so not a complete bargain, but well worth the money when I see the impact it has on my skin. Again this is one where a little goes a long way – it also smell divine thanks to the hint of vanilla they’ve added.

The final of the beauty products is a new favourite of mine – Mr Dandy’s Hair Candy (yes I love the name too)! I’ve recently chopped my waist length locks off to a shoulder length lob, which means I can now use styling creams, waxes, etc. This product is designed to add volume and a light, non-sticky hold to thin hair. Now I don’t have thin hair. I actually have lots of fine hair and my god does this product add volume! Sometimes too much if I’m not careful, and I have to brush it out slightly. The hold is as they say too. While it doesn’t last all day for me (I have never found anything that can), my hair isn’t totally deflated at the end of the day. For me that’s more than good enough, my hair can deflate before I leave the house with some products so this is progress! It also hold the curls in my hair fantastically, and there’s none of the crunchiness that you can get with hair sprays. The smell took a little getting used to as its not my usual type of scent, but now I’m used to it I love it. I would advise giving it a sniff before buying though as you will be smelling on you hair all day (and the next too if you don’t wash it)! Its £12.95 for a 100g tub. I’ve used it almost every day since the start of January, and you can’t even tell its been touched. This is yet another product where you only need a teeny tiny amount. And I mean really teeny! I just dab my finger tips in lightly and that’s usually enough.

2016-01-27 15.22.39

Moving onto the more fun products, I had to start with the classic Comforter. Specifically I choose the shower cream for this post. I love the bubble bar just as much but I have way more showers than baths. If you’ve been hiding under a rock and not smelt the comforter it is sweet berry goodness and is my go to scent when I think I’ve deserved a bit of TLC (which is nearly every day thanks to my dissertation). The shower creams are worth a mention also because of how moisturising they are. I prefer them to the gels, some claim they don’t lather up quite as well, but I don’t have this problem, possibly because I use a loofah. While it is £9.75 for a 250g bottle, I advise keeping one tucked away for a treat or mental health day. The bubble bar is only £4.95, which you can easily get 4 baths out of. There’s also some clever people online who can turn bubbles into shower gels if you’re feeling like a DIY project!


2016-01-27 15.21.58

This next bath bomb is also a TLC product. Butterbear is this cute little bear shaped bath bomb, containing cocoa butter, to make a super moisturising bath. Admittedly its not the most exciting bomb to look at in the bath, it won’t win awards for being the strongest smelling either. But thats sort of why I included it. Butterbear, by the by, is the winter version of Butterball, which is available year round. Butterball is a very unassuming plain white bath bomb, and is probably overlooked by most shoppers. However, the gentle but long lasting scent and amazingly moisturising properties make it well worth having a few in your collection. If you need bath water excitement in your life combine it with a bubble bar and possible another bath bomb (hint: comforter bubble bar goes wonderfully). Butterbear is £1.95 per bomb and I would use it whole. Butterball is £2.95 and can be split into 2 or possibly more baths.

2016-01-27 15.19.41

I kept this product til last as its a seasonal product and while there are some similarly scented year round products, they are not exactly the same. Unicorn Horn bubble bar, is a Valentines release in, you guessed it, the shape of a unicorn horn! Its twisted with pink, blue and yellow and covered in subtle lustre. Most are nice and uniform the but the one in my valentines launch order was more marbled as can happen as they’re all handmade! There has been some disappointment with this product this year as it has both lost the little paper type stars to it and gone up in price. However, I still love this product. Its lavender scented. While some say its stronger that the Twilight bath bomb, I disagree. I think its a really true lavender scent that isn’t overwhelming. It turns the bath a pretty pinky- purple shade, produces mounds of bubbles and is moisturising to boot. This pretty little bubble bar is £4.25 and you can get around 2-3 baths out of it depending on your water pressure and level of bubble you like. The year round alternative is A French Kiss, but it isn’t exactly the same scent.

2016-01-27 15.20.43

Thus completes my 8 must try LUSH products. I could probably talk about LUSH products all day – I have a big enough collection at least! I’d love to hear if any of you have tried any of the products listed or if there’s something that you think I’ve missed.

I’ve got a number of other posts planned so hopefully you’ll see me again much sooner than last time!


Ciao Ciao! xxx