Hi, and welcome to my blog! My name is Isabella Beecham, but call me Bella (which is where the title of this blog came from if you hadn’t guessed). Let me give you a quick overview of me, myself and I:

I’m 21 and have recently completed my BSc in Equine Science. To answer the glazed over look I usually get when I tell people that – its animal science, but with added horses. Yes, I was the crazy horse girl at school… And yes, the crazy horse girl went and did a degree with about 30 other crazy horse people.

Sadly, I realised about a year in that it probably wasn’t the industry I wanted to spend my life in – que the ongoing existential crisis. However, what I’ve come to realise throughout the 2 years between then and now is that 2 things have remain consistent: I want to make a difference to people’s lives – big or small, and I want to be able to be creative in what I do.

This is kind of where the blog comes in. It’s allowed me to do both, even if many posts I wrote never even made it on here for people to see. And it will remain to be that, but it’s in need of a revamp, so excuse the mess!


Regards, the slightly terrified adult-who-definitely-should-not-be-allowed-to-do-adult-things.

Ciao ciao x


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